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Pipes By Jim

Native & Exotic Wood Pipes

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Peace, and Hello! My new pipe website is up and running where you’ll find a few examples of my older pipes, and plenty of the recent designs. I’ve upgraded my tools, reconfigured my shop, and streamlined years of woodworking knowledge into these simple, elegant, useful little works of art.


Most of what you see is more of a personal or two-person pipe. They are small, efficient, and will be useful for years.  That’s my ultimate goal – to make what I like to call “needful things”. I’ve been doing just that for over 50 years, and will be happy to continue to do so for many more to come.


You’ll probably appreciate the fact that all of my woods are reclaimed. Whether from a fallen tree, scrapped wood flooring, or even the exotic wood discards from a electric guitar manufacturer (one of my cousins discovered that source), these pieces are handcrafted from the salvaged, rescued and recovered. From birds-eye maple to cherry burl, ebony to rosewood, each piece I use is precious, unique, and sustainably sourced.


I come from a long line of woodworkers in the Nashville area of Tennessee. By way of Florida, I made Vermont home a few decades ago (after selling roach clips cross-country in the early 70’s). I’ve crafted and sold so many things – from clocks and cutting boards to coffee tables and hand-turned pens. Pipes have become my passion, and with all those years of experience and several hundred pipes later, I’m bringing you my best work.


Pipes will come in a soft leather zippered pouch and small container for your herb (there’s even a little extra room for a small Bic Lighter).  You’ll be using it for years (but check back sooner – my pipes continue to evolve as I do as your craftsman!) For the most recent evolutions, check my Instagram link here.


All pipes are hand turned on a lathe, sanded and buffed to a silky-smooth finish and ready for a lifetime of use.  

All pipes are guaranteed for life, my lifetime.

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Put down your smartphone, pick up a pipe, it's 420 somewhere


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