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Pipes By Jim

Native & Exotic Wood Pipes

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My first antler pipes were made in the early 70's and were some of my favorite

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A new beginning using new spacer materials. Silver, acrylic, antler and more.

My first disposable pipes were made 10 years ago were unsanded and unfinished. I made a few hundred and gave to friends. Five years ago I started sanding and finishing them. The photo on the right was the last of the disposable pipes and the beginning of the lathe turned pipes.

I enjoy turning pipes on my lathe, after all I've been turning wooden pens since the year 2000.  I made around 200 of these.

Big changes came with these pipes, defining the shapes and sizes but I felt there was something was missing. I Made over  one hundred before the two piece pipes.

W0W. The two piece pipes was it, it changed everything.

Next came the three piece pipe with the center band which improved the look.

Most woods I use has been reclaimed. Exotic woods from an electric guitar factory in the 1980s, woods I've collected over the years or given to me and wood I use in making my Vermont hardwwod pens.